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Custom Clinical Solutions To Fit Your Needs

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We empower organizations in mental health and special education by unlocking their full potential through intuitive technology and flexible staffing solutions.


Leader in virtual health services and solutions since 2019


Providers Served


Caseloads Managed


School Partners

Identify at-risk students early, streamline intervention, and empower educators to support student well-being.

Early Intervention Starts Here: Introducing MIYO Screening

School Districts

MIYO Health provides schools with a comprehensive range of technology tools and staffing solutions, ensuring IEP  compliance and fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for every student.

Provider Networks

Our HIPAA-compliant technology platform is designed to enhance provider productivity through seamless system integrations. This facilitates collaboration and improves compliance.

State Agencies

State agencies can leverage flexible solutions to tailor custom programs for their constituents. This versatility allows for targeted and effective initiatives to address diverse mental health needs.

How can we partner with you?

  • Explore the full potential of your telehealth practice for mental health with MIYO Health. Our comprehensive approach includes program design, advanced technology solutions and flexible options to complement your staffing needs. Whether you prefer an à la carte selection or need an end-to-end solution, MIYO Health is here to fill in the gaps and support the success of your mental health services.

  • MIYO Health is your go-to resource for expanding your telehealth provider network.  With a bench pool of over 5,000 providers, we are constantly scouting high quality, certified therapists.  We specialize in hiring, training and placing Speech-language pathologists (SLPs), Occupational therapists (OTs), Physical therapists (PTs), SPED Teachers, School Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social workers (LCSW) and Licensed professional counselors (LPC). 

  • MIYO IEP Compliance platform is an end-to-end documentation, scheduling, case management, progress tracking  and collaboration tool to manage IEP's from Day 1 until the end of the school year.  It integrates data from IEP and SIS systems and allows providers to track progress and comply with IEP requirements.  Additionally it offers a tele-delivery capability integrated with data capture enhancing productivity.  

  • Unlock the potential of MIYO Health's modular, cloud based platform.  With over 22 modules to choose from, a client can pick and choose the modules of interest and MIYO will seamlessly integrate those modules to create a custom solution in days.  A client is offered a private label option to rebrand the platform to its unique brand and user experience.  

  • Streamline your operations with MIYO Health's seamless system integrations. We offer out of the box integrated solutions with several Student Information Systems (SIS), LMS and Medicaid billing systems. This ensures that your data flows effortlessly, providing a unified experience to your user base.  Our system integration team specializes in connecting the MIYO platform to a clients' existing internal systems to provide a seamless experience.

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MIYO Health does not offer on-call mental health services, if you are in need of immediate support, please call 988.

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TeleTeachers is now rebranded to MIYO Health