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See Every Student Thrive with Early Intervention

MIYO Universal Screening for Mental Health

The Hidden Crisis:

Did you know that a staggering 1 in 5 youth live with a mental health condition? These conditions can significantly impact their academic success, emotional well-being, and overall development.

1 in 5 Youth Struggle:

The average wait time for students to receive help after experiencing mental health symptoms is a shocking 11 years. This delay can have devastating consequences, hindering their potential and jeopardizing their future.

Delayed Intervention:

Traditional screening methods like paper forms and spreadsheets are outdated and cumbersome. They lead to low response rates, inaccurate data, and limited insights, making it difficult to identify students who need support the most.

Ineffective Methods:

Without access to powerful data analysis, schools struggle to track trends and identify broader mental health concerns within the student body. This lack of comprehensive understanding hinders proactive intervention efforts.

Data Blind Spots:

Select students, manage consent forms, and distribute screening tools – all from a user-friendly platform.

Easy Workflow: 


Eliminate manual entry and ensure data accuracy with seamless integration between student rosters, consent forms, and screening tools.

Integrated Data: 


Gain powerful analytics to track trends, identify at-risk students, and make data-driven decisions for targeted support.

Actionable Insights:


MIYO Screening was built by educators who understand these challenges. It's a comprehensive software solution that streamlines the entire consent, screening, and data analysis process.

Pre-built SIS Integrations:

Effortlessly pull student data and streamline screenings with seamless SIS integration: PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Aeries, and Skyward.

Here's how MIYO empowers you to support your students:

MIYO Screening is FERPA compliant and designed to:

  • Identify 'At Risk' students by offering accessible and confidential screenings

  • Connect students with resources they need to thrive, promoting early intervention and positive outcomes

  • Track and measure the efficacy of programs and student progress

Administrator Features

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MIYO Health does not offer on-call mental health services, if you are in need of immediate support, please call 988.

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