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Meet The Team Behind MIYO


Welcome to the heart of MIYO Health, where a diverse and passionate team comes together to make a positive impact on special education and mental health services.

Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and dedication to the mission.

Get to know the individuals who drive our commitment to accessibility, innovation, and support.

Our Team

Kishore Gangwani


As a scrappy entrepreneur, Kishore loves building and growing businesses. He has spent 30 years leveraging technology to disrupt traditional business models. Kishore enjoys the art and science behind clearly defining a problem, analyzing it objectively and solving it one thread at a time. 

Ram Kota


Programming from the age of 10, Ram went on to become the performance lead for a Fortune 100 Healthcare company working on an end-to-end healthcare and business intelligence based integrated platform. Now, he proactively leads platform and technology development. Ram is fueled by building great software products that inspire and empower users to solve problems. 

Lisa Moore

VP of Product

Lisa Moore, a certified Speech-Language Pathologist with over 20 years of experience, is the Vice President of Product at TeleTeachers. She excels in virtual education and healthcare, managing holistic solutions and cloud platforms for behavioral health services. Lisa is dedicated to empowering individuals through technology and supports TeleTeachers' mission of delivering high-quality therapy services nationwide.

James McMurphy

VP of School District Sales

As a former middle school principal, James, our mission-driven sales leader, excels in finding solutions to enhance the delivery of special education and mental health services in school districts. His expertise includes improving compliance, building capacity, and facilitating consensus for innovative programming.

Sarah McLaurin

Marketing Manager

A former elementary school teacher, Sarah is the creative guide for our company. She works to weave compelling narratives into our brand and crafts stories that capture people's interest. Sarah’s experience in the classroom helps her hone engaging communication and understand diverse perspectives which are pillars of our MIYO Health brand. 

Shannon Rouff

Director of People & Culture

Working in special education for over 20 years from teacher to compliance coordinator to director, Shannon has always been a people-first leader. She supports our team in hiring, onboarding and retaining great talent across disciplines. As a school administrator, she blazed the trail, being the first to deploy teletherapy services in her state back in 2016.

Maci Shelden

Product Designer

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