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We Provide Solutions for Enhanced Mental Health Support


People:  Licensed and certified providers (LCSW, LPC etc.)

Program Management:  Operational support, Care coordinators to manage the day to day operations

Technology:  HIPAA/FERPA compliant technology platform to deliver services

Flexible Solution Includes:

Use any evidence based monitoring tools to identify at-risk students.  Miyo will pull in data from SEL tools, filtering software's and teacher input to create a real-time pipeline of referrals for case management.  

1. Identify

Gain access to a diverse array of over 75 assessments tailored to meet your individual requirements with Miyo. Additionally, Miyo has the capability to develop personalized assessments mirroring standard protocols.

2. Analyze

 Collaborate with a team of counselors, administrators and parents to create and administer a treatment plan using Miyo. Schedule & deliver teletherapy sessions, capture documentation and monitor progress in Miyo.

3. Act

Custom portals allow administrators and providers to keep a real time pulse on their students.  Reports can be created within the system for viewing purposes or directly emailed to parents or district administrators.  

4. Report

Our approach to Mental Health Service Delivery revolves around delivering personalized solutions, fostering collaboration, and ensuring seamless services for enhanced mental health outcomes. 

​Our Approach

​MTSS Program For Mental Health

Our clinical experts work directly with school counselors to develop a sustainable program to encompass the entire student population

  • Intensive, In-School Clinical Support

    • Programming for students with the most intensive mental health challenges

    • Highly structured, longer in duration and “wrap-around” in nature

    • Meant to return students from out-of-district placement (ODP), avoid ODP or serve as a preventative support for gen ed students

  • Moderate Intensity Interventions and Crisis Response

    • Programming for students with mild to moderate mental health challenges

    • Less intensive therapeutic structure

    • Crisis assessment and crisis re-entry

  • Mental Health Awareness Prevention

    • Comprehensive mental health professional learning plan to build both educator and parent capacity

    • Universal support initiatives on building Trauma Informed Classrooms

    • Develop capacity building initiatives focused on Trauma Informed supports for district leadership and counseling

MIYO Platform For Mental Health

MIYO Health is a flexible Practice Management solution that is built around your operations for delivering Special Education and Mental Health Services. 

Clients select key elements from our modular tech stack then white label under your branding to create their platform; making it your own custom cloud solution.

We integrate with most School Systems for a seamless experience

SMS Integrations

IAM Integrations

LMS Integrations

Our licensed counselors, social workers, school psychologists, and school counselors specialize in providing:

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Behavioral interventions

  • Crisis management

  • Student support and advocacy

  • Family counseling

  • And much more

​Certified Therapists (LCSW, LPC)

Administrator Features


Provider Training and Support

Our providers are selected using our core competencies of personal, interpersonal, analytical, technical and clinical skills. Their success is directly related to ours.

  • Compliance, FERPA, HIPAA and confidentiality training

  • Federal/State Rules and Regulations resources

  • Cross-licensing

  • Collaboration with colleagues

  • 1:1 management support 

  • Session resources

  • Specialized web-based systems training 

  • (i.e. Medicaid, IEP systems)

How MIYO fits into your workflows

  • HIPAA Compliant, end to end Solution

  • Modular design

  • Customize your intake and referral forms

  • Incorporate your consent requirements & e-signature

  • ​Multiplan type tracking: IEP, Treatment Plans, and more 

  • Integrated video with collaboration tools

  • Comprehensive note capture with outcome tracking

  • 360° views of client from start to finish

  • Automated notifications and Intuitive dashboards

  • Provider Capacity and program analysis for state reporting

Build Your Custom Solution In DAYS

Pick and choose modules or functionalities that fit your workflow, and our team will develop a product in days, not weeks or months, as is customary with other practice management solutions. 

Contact us to set up a free demo!

MIYO Health does not offer on-call mental health services, if you are in need of immediate support, please call 988.

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